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When I see Cats following me on Tumblr / Goggle Cat

So, it’s not a rare occurrence to see a Cat start following me on Tumblr. Like, literally, a real Cat. How do I know that I actually have a following of real Cats on Tumblr? Because their user icon is that of a Cat. It would just be silly for a human to masquerade as a Cat on Tumblr.

One night, a particularly majestic Russian Blue started following me. In his photo, he had on a pair of Goggles that were so stylish, I couldn’t help but imagine what my GIFs would look like reflecting off of them. I suppose that most of my followers would be just as transfixed with my images as this Cat seems to have been.

Fantastic Cat photo credit goes to photographer Andy Prokh.

Original photo titled: "Mind Games of Ozzy"

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